Is variable or fixed interest rate really?

interest rate

In fact, there are currently two major issues that concern the credit sector and therefore the general public. One, how long does the low interest rate environment last? Well, we won’t answer that question right now. The other is about what kind of credit do we have? Is it primarily worth paying attention to interest rate variable or fixed?


What is the difference?

What is the difference?

Although it seems clear, it is worth clarifying this point. Fixed rate loans refer to products with longer interest rates, while floating rate loans to short ones. The role of the interest rate period in credit agreements is extremely important, as during this period, whatever happens (meaning the increase in the central bank base rate), the amount of our monthly repayment does not change. From now on, if this period is only 3 months, you are more likely to have a change in your monthly burden than, say, 5 years. Let’s see what this means through a concrete example!


Let us count!

interest rate

We will examine two extremes to make it clear why it is worth emphasizing this. As usual, let’s call the calculator of the! Let’s calculate a loan that we take for 20 years and say $ 10 million. And this time also set the interest period to only 3 months.

The first offer we see is Hannah Bank Hannah Forint Real Estate Loan (Normal Terms), which is for $ 61,497 per month. So we will repay the bank a total of HUF 14,772,014 if…. It is very important that only if there is no interest rate increase in 20 years that we have little chance of.

Now, let’s do the same calculation, with the change that the interest period will be 20 years! In this case, the monthly repayment will jump to $ 77,529 and the total amount paid back will be $ 18,619,774 . The difference is significant. But here we know that whatever happens in the world, we will not have more expensive credit.

Such an article is not suitable for “telling the tutti”. Everything else is more important, either cheapness or predictability. However, we can say for sure that if you visit us, we will help you find the right solution for you. Feel free to contact us!

Reporting Non-performing Loans to the Bank

I have a report of suffering a loss that only appears in the bank of Italy: thirty-six months have passed since the assignment of the credit. Can I request a cancellation? To whom and how should this cancellation be requested?


Unable to settle debt

Unable to settle debt

There is the talk of suffering when the client is assessed in a state of insolvency even if this has not been established in court. The non-performing classification is the result of the assessment of the client’s overall financial situation by the bank or financial intermediary. Banks and financial intermediaries must inform in writing the client and any co-obligors the first time they report it to “non-performing”.

The data in Central Risks are displayed backward, including a thirty-six-month time window. If the report is still visible and not obscured, assuming that the assignee Bank has renewed it, and if indeed more than three years have elapsed since the assignment of the credit made by the original creditor, it is probably an anomaly of the management software of the electronic archive, which must be notified to the Bank, since it is not possible to trace the problem to the intermediary subject who made, or renewed, the report.


Protection of personal data

Protection of personal data

Furthermore, the Authority for the protection of personal data has recently clarified that the visualization of the data present in the risk centers cannot extend beyond a backward time window of more than five years (which originates from the first report – even if the same was subsequently renewed by a transferee).

The 5 years established recently by the Privacy Guarantor to cancel any report (right to be forgotten), must be calculated from the date of first notification (which as regards the bank of Italy cannot be deduced from the visual), or from the date of the end of loan relationship?

As is known, the information relating to non-regularized non-compliance can be retained in the SIC no later than thirty-six months from the contractual expiry date of the relationship or, in case of other events relevant to the payment, from the date on which it was necessary their last update, or in any case from the date of termination of the relationship.

With the interpretive provision, the Authority for the protection of personal data has admitted that the aforementioned standard makes it uncertain the identification of the starting date of the term of retention of data relating to non-regularized non-compliance.


Term of thirty-six months

Term of loans

In fact, if, on the one hand, we want to avoid that the term of thirty-six months from the expected termination of the contractual relationship automatically entails the cancellation of information relating to non-compliance (yet) regularized, on the other hand the generality of the text that, at To this end, it considers relevant a plurality of events risks making it impossible to determine ex ante the moment in which personal data will be deleted, with consequent uncertainty for the interested parties and for the sector operators. In fact, the experience of these years has revealed the existence of diversified operational practices among the various Sic, confirming the opportunity of a clarification intervention of the Guarantor.



final loan

Therefore, in accordance with the general principles established on the processing of personal data (Article 11 of the code of ethics), the Authority considers it appropriate that the maximum term of retention of data relating to non-compliance not later regularized (without prejudice to the reference deadline 36 months from the contractual expiry or termination of the relationship), can never, in any case, exceed five years from the date of expiry of the relationship, as shown in the loan agreement.

This corresponds to the need not to make the final data retention term random and indefinite. In the sense of a less discretionary determination of this term, the new regulation concerning the protection of personal data contained , which, in the matter of disclosure to be provided to the interested party, provides that in order to guarantee a correct and transparent treatment, the holder indicates, inter alia, the retention period of personal data or, if this is not possible, the criteria used to determine this period.

Consumer Loan up to 10 000 EUR for 6 years


Consuming a loan is one way for an individual to borrow money. As a rule, the borrower receives a one-time payment (principal amount) from the lender and returns it with the payment of expenses for the loan (interest plus loan fees). Payments are made by regular installments throughout the loan period. Many loans to individuals are unsecured loans, which means that they do not require the client to pledge any asset (such as a house or car) as collateral.

Consumer credits are usually issued as loans with repayment within a certain period of time. Loan amounts and conditions can vary greatly, depending on the state and the lender. with us, our goal is to make sure that you get the best loan offer we can provide based on your unique financial and credit situation.

The interest rates for these loans are usually set by the lender and can vary depending on such factors as the borrower’s creditworthiness, the amount and term of the required loan. Rates will usually be fixed for the entire term of the loan and are calculated as an annual interest rate. If you are eligible for a loan through InnetLoan, we will work to find the best possible loan offer for you based on your financial requirements.

There are no particular restrictions on how the proceeds can be used. Loans to individuals are most often used to cover unexpected expenses, to purchase large houses or cars, or to consolidate debts.

To determine how much you can borrow, fill out our short online form to verify your eligibility, or call one of our customer support representatives today for more information.


Reasons to get a consumer loan

Consumer credit is ideal for people with a verifiable income and good credit history, but limited resources. In other words, these loans may be the only salvation for young professionals who need money for a major event or unforeseen expenses.

Such a case, when obtaining a consumer loan is a good solution, there can be some big event, for example, a wedding.
Consumer credit also works wonders when you first buy a home. If you can’t afford a mortgage to buy your dream home with immediate cash payments, a loan to a private person to improve living conditions may allow you to purchase a modest home. Personal loans also create a credit history that helps make larger purchases in the future.


Long-term loan

More and more borrowers use consumer loans instead of traditional “payday” loans. Many customers believe that the repayment of the entire loan and interest on the next payment date may expose them to financial pressure, especially if the loan is taken for an emergency.

In some cases, those who take a “payday loan” are not able to make repayments in 15–30 days, and therefore they are forced to take new loans to pay off old ones, or have to extend the loan, which leads to a significant increase in its value.

Therefore, long-term consumer credit is a more responsible choice. The client can stretch the payout to 5, 6 or 12 months, which provides much more flexibility.

In addition, the borrower receives a borrowed amount for a longer period and with lower monthly repayment payments, which gives him much greater control over his finances.

Insurance for personal loans and consumption

personal loan

When you buy a personal loan, your goal is also to protect yourself and your loved ones. For this was created the personal loan insurance that will support the repayment of your monthly payments in case of default on your part (unemployment, indebtedness, inability to work …) or fully in case of death. It is therefore important to choose your personal credit insurance

Credit organizations and loan insurance


The vast majority of credit organizations make it easier for you to lend to loan insurance. Nobody is safe from accidents during his life, you will also have to choose a personal loan insurance , well defined according to your profile.

Choosing the right type of insurance

An offer covering the most common cases in order to secure your loan as much as possible. But be careful not to subscribe to any insurance at any price!

Real Estate Loan Insurance Solution

Real Estate Loan Insurance Solution


For a mortgage loan insurance for example, it is the bank that will define the type of coverage needed for your mortgage. You will have to pass a health questionnaire, and the bank also take into account your professional status.

Personal credit insurance

Personal credit


Whether it’s a personal loan or a home loan, it’s important to play the competition for your loan insurance. For your mortgage, going through a credit insurance broker like Loan Insurance will allow you at first … not to lose, to solicit insurers one by one. Then, the broker can offer you through its list of partners an offer tailored to your profile (young borrower, senior borrower, practicing sports at risk, risky job, patient …). This offer will be the most competitive on the market because Cheap Loan Insurance has special rates with the best insurers.

Comparative simulation personal loan insurance

personal loan


Make an online simulation on Loan Insurance and receive your quote as soon as possible or have one of our advisors call you back.

Installment loans without interest for new clients

Who offers fast loans without interest now?

Fast online loans reached the credit sector thanks to fintech companies that succeed in our country. Its business model offers a fast and simple service that makes it easier for customers to get money without complications. The companies of private capital are the ones that give us the opportunity to get loans without commissions so that we can face specific economic setbacks that can unbalance our economy. These credits can be requested online and at any time since the application process is very simple. In addition, these minicréditos do not require links and we do not need to be old customers to access the money they offer.

If we find ourselves in a situation in which we have unforeseen events that cause us to drown this month and we do not have the liquidity to cover these expenses, we have the option of resorting to quick mini-loans without interest. The current landscape of immediate loans is covered by many offers and companies, therefore, private lenders have begun to design promotions for new customers and are very attractive if we urgently need funding. However, we have to think that they must be returned within a maximum period of 30 days. Thanks to these companies, we have at our disposal loans with which we will not have to pay interest of any kind.

Who are the free fast loans for?

When we want to get money fast we have a wide offer in the current market. However, the possibilities of accessing mini-loans without interest will depend on our profile as a customer. This is due to the fact that lender companies direct this type of promotions to clients who have never requested a quick loan. Therefore, we must bear in mind that to get money without commissions, we have to be new clients.

In addition, the amounts that allow us to access are not very high, as they are usually up to 300 euros. These offers can be useful if we already have some money saved and we use a quick loan without interest to cover the rest of the capital we need to cover some expense. In this way, it is possible to divide the disbursement into two months: first with the money that we already had and the next month returning the requested credit. It is a good way to make a purchase or some expense more affordable.

Why can we get money fast without commissions?

Getting fast money is possible today thanks to private equity companies that launch fast, interest-free mini-loans. These promotions have been spreading among these companies because the competition is getting stronger. Therefore, private lenders have to strive to get new customers by offering products that are more interesting. Clients can take advantage of this situation to get the money they need to cover specific economic incidentals.

Fintech companies have revolutionized the market with their practices because they have known how to innovate both in their type of business and in the promotions they launch. Their quick loans without interest are a very good way to get clients and for us, they are useful if we do not need large amounts of capital.

Advantages of quick loans without costs

Online Installment Loans, No Credit Check for Poor Credit are a very good option if you need to get money urgently for certain situations of economic hardship. This type of loans have several advantages, but they are mainly the following:

The speed of interest-free mini-loans

First, the speed with which we can get the money from a quick loan without interest is one of the most important characteristics of this type of credit. The lender companies give us access to the money in a matter of 15 minutes maximum. This speed is possible thanks to the technologies implemented in its services such as automatic verification systems. In this way, the study of applications will be much faster and may process more applications in less time. This allows them to give us an automatic response and in minutes we know if they have granted us the credit or not. In addition, not only the response occurs quickly, but the transfer will also be immediate because it will occur once we have approved the request.

Loans at 0% APR

On the other hand, the obvious advantage of quick loans without interest is that they are totally free. This allows us to request quick and easy loans for any purpose and once the term we have agreed upon, return the borrowed money without interest accrued. That is, if we ask for a loan worth 100 euros to be repaid in 30 days, we will only have to repay 100 euros. This makes it much easier to repay the interest-free mini-loans.

Requirements to get interest-free mini-loans

Quick loans without commissions are also characteristic because they are accessible for any type of profile. However, although the demands that we ask are few, we must always comply with the basic requirements:

  • Be of legal age: free fast loan companies require that we be at least 18 years old, but in some cases, they can request that we be 21 years old or up to 25 years old.
  • Reside in Spanish territory: we must show our identity document certifying that we are Spanish residents permanently.
  • Have regular, sufficient and demonstrable income: to be granted a quick loan without interest, it will be necessary to have a payroll to use or a document certifying that our income is sufficient to reimburse the money. The subsidies for unemployment, the income of pensioners or what we perceive as self-employed, among others, are also valid.
  • Do not have outstanding debts: to get the money fast, the lenders need to know that we do not have any outstanding debt that makes us appear in ASNEF or similar. However, some companies will grant us the credit even if we appear in a delinquency file, but we will not have access to the free offers.

These are the basic requirements to access loans without commissions, but each company will have its own requirements. In order for us to receive the money, we will have to comply with the conditions they ask for, but this does not mean that they give us the maximum amount that we have requested. This depends on our profile and the level of risk that the lender assigns us.

How to get the interest-free loan quickly

Quick loans without interest are a way to get money urgently since we can enjoy it in 15 minutes. However, in capital transfers between different entities, it could happen that the receipt of the money is delayed up to 48 hours. Although private equity companies work with large banks in our country, they can not have open accounts in all financial institutions. Therefore, it is possible that we have an account in a different bank and the transfer occurs late. Given these situations, there are certain keys that we can use to avoid this type of dilatation in the time we receive the loan:

  • Before deciding who to go to request money, we can compare which banks each works with to see if they match the entity in which we have the current account. In such a way that we can make sure that the transfer will occur at the moment and that it will be possible to enjoy the money in minutes.
  • Carry out the procedure between the week and before the cut-off time, because this way we will be surer that the transfer is done quickly. The holidays will affect precisely this since if we request a credit on Saturday it is more likely to be delayed than if we do it on a Monday. It also affects whether it is before or after the cut-off time in which the bank works, which is the time in which the entity stops providing services and processing transactions. It would be more advisable that we ask for capital during the morning than at night, but this type of inconvenience usually occurs in transfers between different entities.

In addition to these aspects, we can also check that our papers are in order before requesting the quick loan, because if our ID is expired, for example, the company will not be able to approve our application and we will have to update our documentation and lose time in filling out the form again.

What happens if we can not return the money instantly?

If we have requested quick loans without interest, we must bear in mind that the return period is a maximum of 30 days and that it must be made in a single payment. In some cases, it could happen that we have been granted quick loans without paperwork and now we have no solvency to return it. Given this situation, the first step is to tell the lender before the repayment period has expired, so we can negotiate what steps we could take to avoid incurring defaults that would increase the debt.

Many lender companies give us the possibility to extend this repayment time through an extension. However, being free mini-loans, it could mean that we would have to pay interest to delay the payment date, so they would no longer be free.

Anyway, if we see that we can not get the money they have lent us, we have the possibility of requesting a renegotiation of the payment schedule. This option must be used in cases in which it is impossible for us to pay the capital and interest on time, especially because it is not certain that they will give us the go-ahead. In fact, we are likely to see that an extension will not solve our lack of liquidity, so we should resort to negotiation first of all.